Our Services

Our Services Include Private, In-Home training and our popular Board & Train Program. When you choose Joyful Dogs of Michigan you and your dog get our undivided attention!
Our services
are the result of over 40 years of dog training experience. We know the most effective, humane ways to train your dog. We will never tell you something is free then use a hook to charge you. Our services are exactly what we say!
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Additional Expenses

Travel Expenses

Since Joyful Dogs of Michigan conducts private, in-home training sessions we often have to travel for more than an hour to reach our clients.

Travel expenses are: $25 for each hour we travel both to and from the client's home.

    Training Equipment

    Joyful Dogs of Michigan will purchase, at client's expense, the needed equipment or instruct the client as to what equipment to purchase. Client agrees to purchase whatever equipment Joyful Dogs of Michigan requests.

    Equipment is subject to Michigan State Sales Tax of 6%